Angry Birds Dream Blast Easy Tips and Tricks to Win

All the tricks and strategies to easily complete all the levels of Angry Birds Dream Blast.

Angry Birds Dream Blast cheats | Take the infamous bad birds created by Rovio and have them smashed against many colorful bubbles and you will get Angry Birds Dream Blast.

Angry Birds Dream Blast is a spin off of the mobile game series featuring angry birds. In this nice title, the formula of the old chapters has been inserted in a context that resembles that of Puzzle Bobble, in which it is necessary to make the largest number of balls disappear from the scenario.

In this guide we will see all the tricks to finish easily levels


  • General tips
  • Cheats
  • How to get free coins

How to download Angry Birds Dream Blast : to download the game, click on the links -> Google Play | App Store .

All the tricks and strategies to easily complete all the levels of Angry Birds Dream Blast.

Angry Birds Dream Blast | General advice

Each level will not only ask you to between bursting bubbles, but also to carry out more particular tasks. These level requirements can really be anything from the dissipation of a cloud to not breaking falling eggs. We see below some general tips to finish the levels faster:

  • Locks pig : these strange-looking locks are unlocked once you have collected all the necessary bubbles of the corresponding lock color.
  • Key locks : these locks are unlocked when the key reaches the bottom row.
  • Eggs : eggs are one of the most common goals for finishing some types of levels. The eggs must reach the bottom of the level, however if the level has locks, it is better to make sure to open them quickly before bringing the eggs to their destination without breaking them.
  • Paint the jars : the paint cans will break once you touch the bubbles next to them. They will color some bubbles randomly with the color of the container.
  • Blocks : they are available in 3 types and shapes. I ice blocks (which break when the bubbles are matched next to them), the stone blocks (which break only by using the Bird Boosters or the upgrades) and the gelatin blocks (which break when the bubbles of the same color as the gelatin block are touched, but only if they are close to it).
  • Chained bubbles : can be eliminated with Bird Boosters or with upgrades.
  • Nightmare Cloud : this cloud can be eliminated by aligning the bubbles of the same color that are in the position of the cloud (but watch out for the blocks, since it may be necessary to destroy them if they are above these bubbles).
  • Pigs : like in every series of Angry Birds, there must be pigs. Here, the pigs are bubbles that you will have to eliminate in a certain number, highlighted by the level you are in.

Angry Birds Dream Blast Cheats

  • Constantly try to upgrade the birds, even if you don’t use them: they count for the score at the end of the level.
  • By activating a bird booster in a position where another is found within its range, this will also trigger the second booster decreasing the moves you use.
  • The bird boosters will they trigger in mid-air, so be careful if you activate 2 or more at the same time.
  • Watch out for the windmill: it will mix the remaining bubbles within its range, so you can use it to your advantage and try to leave it bring the bubbles where you want them to be.
  • If there is a windmill in the level, there is no need to hurry to finish the level. You can wait for it to complete its round, and after that eliminate the bubbles in the position it left them in.

Angry Birds Dream Blast unlimited free coins

There are numerous methods to get them, and also incredibly easy. As in almost all games of this type, it is possible to buy the currency in game with real money, however the free methods to get gold coins are undoubtedly better for our portfolio.

A way to get gold coins for free is leveling up. Each time you level up, you will get a couple of coins, plus other products (such as upgrades and endless lives that last a certain amount of time).

Another way to get them is to open the chests that appear after a couple of levels .

The third way to get gold coins for free is the displaying an ad . You will often have the chance to watch an ad in exchange for a random item, whether it’s life, upgrades or coins.

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