Dating in Clash of Clans: Is It Possible to Find Love in CoC?

Soul Mate in Clash of Clans Or Date in Clash of Clans

Soul Mate in Clash of Clans, Date in Clash of Clans, Find Love in CoC, Dating in Clash of Clans

If you’ve been playing CoC (and monitoring messages in Global chat) for quite a long time, you’ve probably seen a few awkward texts, like “looking for gf. Are there any females here?” Every now and then, guys and gals hijack the chat, desperately looking for attention from the opposite partner. The trend isn’t new, and while some don’t give a thing about what players text to their chat mates, others hate these pathetic pickup attempts because they distract from what really matters – the gaming experience.

But what about players who actually fall in love with each other? Is it possible to develop feelings for someone you never knew in real life? After all, people find each other via dating apps, so why can’t they do it through a gaming one?

Is it wrong to use Clash of Clans for picking up players?

It’s the question with no direct answer. People always adapt things to different and sometimes even weird purposes. But playing CoC to find that special someone is like turning off your Wi-Fi just to play T-Rex Run! on Google Chrome. It would be much simpler and wiser to download it on your smartphone and enjoy the game without losing the internet connection. Naturally, there are some exceptions, for instance, if you’re a devoted CoC fan and want your potential companion to share your main interest. Or if that special someone is in your clan, and the feelings just suddenly appear by themselves (by the way, this happens more often than you might think).

If neither of these two options suits you, it doesn’t mean that you have no moral right or something to turn Global chat into a dating one. This means that you’ll probably have no luck in achieving the goal, and your attempts will most likely piss off other players. This is the case when it’s better to get a dating app or register on a dating website instead. There are plenty of single women seeking men out there.

Dating in Clash of Clans

Soul Mate in Clash of Clans, Date in Clash of Clans, Find Love in CoC, Dating in Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans Dating

Can you meet your soul mate in Clash of Clans?

When talking about online gaming as a whole, happy love stories aren’t a rarity. For example, in 2010, a couple married after falling in love in an online game. And they haven’t even met each other in real life when their feelings arose. If you poke around forums on Supercell or Imgur, you’ll dig up a couple of dozens of short stories about how two lonely souls found each other in CoC after they joined the same clan. All of them start the same: the two met in a clan, found out that they live not too far from each other, and decided to meet in real life. So if you’re hoping to find love when raiding settlements online, there’s still a chance for you.

Where to look for a date in Clash of Clans?

First of all, let’s start with where not to look – CoC Global chat. A lot of players ignore the messages in it, and some keep it muted; besides, no matter what you text there, others won’t take it seriously. Depending on your country, the chat might simply be useless because of tons of spam in it. This leaves you with two possible ways to pick someone up – start or join a clan or create your own private server.

The latter option gives you a bit more control over the game and, potentially, more chances to turn someone’s attention to you. On the other hand, it takes a lot of effort to get a private server running, too much to justify the initial goal, and the chance that you actually get yourself a girlfriend/boyfriend is still small. So you’re left with one last option.

A clan is the most reliable place where you can find love because relationships between clan mates often go beyond the borders of the game. You’ll have enough time to get to know your potential partner better and build a foundation for a more serious relationship.